Check your
Innovation Readiness

Research shows that 7 out 10 innovation projects fail sadly. There’s a reason for that: most companies are simply not ready for innovation!

Wouldn’t it be great if your innovations would become a great success, instead of another failure?

Strategyzer has developed a brand-new, very practical tool: Innovation Readiness Checklist.

Start today, with these 9 easy-to-answer questions, and find out whether you are ready for innovation.

Download the Free Strategyzer Innovation Readiness Checklist 

Discover much better ways to:

✔   Find out where to play, with a clear strategic guidance
✔   Allocate resources for innovation, without cutting them off halfway
✔   Explore new opportunities, while running your existing business
✔   Avoid innovation teams fighting for their right to exist
✔   Bridge your innovation projects with your core business
✔   Encourage innovation with the right incentives & rewards
✔   Spread the use of practical innovation tools across your organization
✔   Manage innovation with iterative processes and actionable metrics
✔   Develop world class innovation talent with skills and experience

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas helps you to create value for you business.


Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas helps you to create value for you customers.


Ton van der Linden

Certified Strategyzer Trainer/Coach. Expert in Business Model Innovation & Value Proposition Design. Entrepreneur, who understands business & innovation.


Strategyzer’s goal is to put practical tools, like the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas, into the hands of every business innovation practitioner.

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Tackle your business challenges with our in-house workshops, fully customized to your needs.


Masterclass Business Model Innovation

Learn in just two days how to design, test & manage business models & value propositions.


“Business models expire like yoghurt in the fridge.”

Alex Osterwalder

Co-founder, Strategyzer